Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Cisco SD-WAN Proves Customer Performance

World Wide Technology (WWT) has been building a structured SD-WAN infrastructure since 2016 and provides customers with local and cloud-managed WAN services. "Cisco SD-WAN has it all," said Neil Anderson, Director of Network Solutions for WWT. It's a great solution for customers looking for cost savings, increased business agility, robust security, and multiple cloud networks. Managed Cisco services

WWT's SD-WAN business is growing more than 50% annually, all of which is supported by Cisco.

Katalyst is a managed services provider based in North Carolina, USA, and has been offering white label managed SD-WAN services since January 2019.

Remote assistance is now available in remote locations, so clients can no longer provide interfaces between networks. There are a number of reasons why Katalyst chose Cisco as a business partner, but according to Katalyst CTO Jasse White, security simplifies the company's IT environment by offering a package with a 7-layer firewall and a firewall 7 layers at the same time is key. At the same time, customers offering the benefits of SD-WAN were able to increase their satisfaction, resulting in a 25% increase in service size.

NTTHas is an SD-WAN portfolio that includes both fully managed and customer managed services. NTT says that Cisco SD-WAN is a key element in delivering innovative solutions. NTT customers reduced bandwidth costs by 25% and increased bandwidth efficiency by 300% across all facilities.

These success stories are at the core of Cisco's goals.

IDC survey results show that approximately 95% of surveyed companies will implement SD-WAN within 24 months¹. This is a great opportunity. Cisco will work with you to ensure that customers and partners do not miss out on this opportunity.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

shouldn't there be a public and universal internet service?

Basic education students (until 9th ​​grade) will take television classes at RTP Memória. The channel searching for exceptional RTP archives will restore Telescola, the idea of ​​a television school that worked there in the 1960s. A lot has changed from 1960 to 2020, but in terms of communications, television is still the most common. Thanks to the presence of a free television service consisting of six channels (four in public television services), anyone can take and watch television. In general, you only need a device and a decoder that costs 1.5 times the cost.

Managed Fiber services

But what about the Internet?

Covid-19 has closed schools, universities, and polytechnics around the world. In Portugal, in the weeks before Easter break, students and teachers had a period of forced habituation to the new reality. In other words, it was remote lessons via video calls and homework delivered over the Internet. Suddenly, schools and academia have had to learn to work with tools like Zoom or Moodle and try to keep things normal through the internet.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in 2019, 80.9% of households are using the Internet at home, and talking about families with young people under the age of 15 will increase this rate to 94.5%. Overall, 19.1% of homes are offline, and 5.5% of students by grade 9 are disconnected. Another related issue is related to the quality of Internet access. INE reported that only 78.0% of homes have access to broadband, including cable, ADSL, and fiber. But of these, only fiber optics ensure the fast and reliable connections that are essential for conducting video calling classes. Especially if more than one person in the same house needs to be connected at the same time.

According to data at the end of 2019 from Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), only 67.3% of families have 2.8 million customers subscribed to fiber optic service. However, fiber reaches 78.7% of Portuguese households. The addition of the so-called HFC, i.e. hybrid fiber with coaxial cable, raises the ratio to 84.5%. That is, there are 5.3 million households connected to high-speed networks. The data is encouraging, and according to ANACOM, cabeladas with high-speed internet access in both locations are increasing year by year. However, covering the territory of the country is far from a homogeneous and fair reality, and even in the middle of cities like Setúbal there are areas without this option.

Agenda Portugal Digital's promise in 2015 defined that within five years (i.e. by 2020) the entire population will have access to at least 30 Mbps of internet and at least 50% of homes will have 100 Mbps. There will be territorial consolidation and investment in rural areas that promote equal opportunities. However, the reality is that more rural and poorer areas where operators do not guarantee financial returns are particularly affected by slow and/or stable internet connections.

Since there are no longer public funds to guide the implementation of fiber optic networks in the region, and this investment is private, Portugal has received the mercy of market law, which has resulted in more profits from telecommunications companies (MEO, NOS, Vodafone). Profitability. Nevertheless, efforts have been made to counter the abandonment of rural areas with the help of the European Union. DSTelecom is a private company that installs fiber-optic infrastructure at the furthest location in the country and then leases it to operators for marketing to customers.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Overseen administrations. Specialized help and rethinking

We uphold our customers from Latin America to Asia with uniform cycles, implicit understanding with the world's prescribed procedures. 

Our administration community helps our clients in 4 unique dialects ​​around the clock, 7 days per week in 50+ nations around the planet. 

The Softline Service Center is a solitary instrument intended to offer top notch types of assistance to our customers. 

Managed Onsite services

Specialized help 

Arrangement of counseling and innovative administrations to help the current usefulness of programming and equipment buildings and IT frameworks. 

Bound together work strategy all through Russia 

Single section point. 

Month to month announcing. 

Brought together SLA. 

Die hard faithfulness administrator. 

Quarterly investigation of works. 

Accomplices work in our framework. 

Devoted accomplice subject matter experts. 

Brought together online specialized help administration all through Russia 

Online help. 

By telephone 

By email. 

Full inclusion ever zones. Working hours 24x7. 

Designing assets for execution 

Reaching Softline. 

every minute of every day Helpdesk, more than 100 representatives. 

Designers in huge workplaces, lasting presence. 

Takeoffs on occurrences in different urban communities (workers from Softline workplaces or accomplices). 

Advantages of Managed administrations: 

Turnkey IT administrations. 

There was a chance to focus however much as could be expected on the center business. 

Ensured accessibility of IT administrations as indicated by business prerequisites. 

The capacity to rapidly transform IT foundation and assets for the elements of the business. 

Administration level straightforwardness for business, revealing and boundaries as indicated by your prerequisites. 

Multilingual first line. 

Essential guarantee on all items. 

Die hard loyalty Project Manager. 

The capacity to draw in undertaking specialists to execute the arranged changes in the IT foundation. 

Plausibility of selling as a declaration.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

What You Need to Know about Managed Cisco services

 What You Need to Know about Managed Cisco services

Overseen Services 

What's Best for IT Management? In-House or Outsource? 

Most associations actually battle with two significant IT-related issues that are 

regularly at chances with one another: keeping their IT foundation working 

at ideal degrees of execution, and all the while overseeing 

Managed Cisco services

the spiraling expenses related with that objective. Add to that the very fast speed of new innovation rise and reception—benefits that 

venture clients need accessible to them in the near future to 

stay serious—and you have an ideal tempest of IT intricacies. 

Most organizations invest an exorbitant measure of energy and speculation 

dollars attempting to keep these contradicting powers adjusted. 

To lessen it to its most straightforward articulation, an association truly has as it were 

two decisions: 

• DIY Approach – Manage In-House 

Keep up the IT framework inside with a go-it-single-handedly approach, 

a DIY model. This is the conventional course taken by most endeavors 

also, presents some extremely prickly issues from a monetary and operational 


• Out-Task or Outsource 

Out-undertaking to outsiders—what the IT business alludes to as overseen 

administrations suppliers—whose esteem add is to expect IT tasks 

for their business and endeavor clients, loaning their 

innovative aptitude and refined cycles, which are in most 

cases far better than the association's inside capacities. 

Every decision has factors influencing its suitability, going from perceivability and 

control to monetary and even HR contemplations. At the 

day's end, most associations settle on the choice without truly 

seeing completely all the consequences of that basic decision. 

Furthermore, that is no real way to determine the issue—the choice is essential to the 

association's primary concern. 

In this paper, we investigate the specialized climate, different difficulties, 

what's more, ever-present issues looked by most associations and endeavors 

as they stay the course to keep up and develop their IT administrations 

for their workers and clients, all while battling to keep their 

IT-related consumptions in line. By seeing business sector patterns and 

different powers influencing IT foundations, we need to assist you with figuring it out 

that expert oversaw administrations are not a straightforward suggestion 

of reevaluating undertakings (disposing of good inside workers and 

reevaluating the exertion). That is an insulting understanding frequently seen in 

the press related with cutback declarations, yet realize that it's a 

plainly mutilated perspective on the truth.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Ericsson and Cisco reestablish IT administration organization


The Ericsson and Cisco declared during the Mobile World Congress 2016 a portion of the outcomes from the essential association endorsed in November 2015. In the little over a quarter of a year, the two organizations have progressed fundamentally since offers business including network advancements cloud and versatility, overseen administration arrangements and IP change , which together have extended business openings for organizations. 

Managed Cisco services

During the time frame, the association made around 200 collaborations with organizations, a considerable lot of which wound up turning out to be clients who use network administrations, versatile IP spine , demand change of the TV and link network proposition and try to modernize portable backhaul through frameworks connections. Both Ericsson and Cisco have just smoothed out their joint plans of action and deals power preparing. This has additionally driven both to push ahead in strategic arranging and worldwide asset improvement. "I'm content with input from clients and the business power when we present our joint assets. Unmistakably the two organizations face this association with a similar degree of responsibility and eagerness ", assessed Ericsson CEO and President, Hans Vestberg. 

Ericsson and Cisco are teaming up on more arrangements in their essential territories, which incorporate IP center, broadband access with fixed link, versatile backhaul, business VPN , IP change benefits and oversaw IP and IT administrations, just as savvy urban communities with the improvement of Internet of Things (IoT) arrangements. Additionally, the accomplices are cooperating on the new ongoing organization administration the board item that works across various seller advancements and areas. Called Ericsson Dynamic Service Manager, this new arrangement was reported by Ericsson during MWC. 

Likewise, Cisco declared that it is building up a 5G switch for private and business administrations related to Ericsson and Intel . The item, it appears, will be the primary switch of its sort. The three organizations are essential for the Verizon 5G Technology Forum , which is additionally keen on smoothing out significant developments in the fifth era of versatile organizations. 

With all the improvement of the association, the North American and Swedish organizations marked a joint protected innovation rights understanding and an expert administrations arrangement. In the last mentioned, the agreement incorporates the mix of 66 thousand representatives from Ericsson and 11 thousand from Cisco to give counseling, backing and administrations across the IT territory in organizations in 180 nations. 

"In the present high speed world, cutting edge vital organizations permit us to advance and move quicker. Since the declaration of our association with Ericsson in November 2015, we have had incredible outcomes from practical arrangements, improved encounters and more spry promoting for our clients, "said Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins.